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About Our School

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A Short History

Transition and change marks the history of Rutland Middle School. Our building first opened its doors in 1949 as Rutland High School for grades 7 to 12. Over the years many changes and additions were made, while RHS remained a full program secondary school. In 1972, Rutland Senior Secondary opened next to us and we became RUtland Junior Secondary with grade 8 to 10. In 1993, we saw the return of the grade 7 students and the reassignment of grade 10 students to RSS. This change was due to the start of middle schools in the Central Okanagan when Rutland Middle School was created for students in grade 7 to 9. Our buildings have a long and proud history. It is possible to talk to students in the school whose parents, aunts, uncles, and in some cases, grandparents went to school here. 

Our partner schools include Rutland Elementary, South Rutland Elementary, Pearson Road Elementary, Ellison Elementary and Rutland Senior Secondary.

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