mentorship.pngEffective middle schools are known to promote advisory programs as a way to strengthen connectedness within the school community. The RMS Mentorship program is designed so that a teacher advisor meets daily with a small group of students to provide academic and social-emotional mentorship and support.

Our Mentorship Program supports our RMS vision statement: Our shared vision, as a community, is that all RMS students will be engaged socially, conventionally, and intellectually in acquiring the attributes of a SD23 learner: thinker, learner, collaborator, contributor, and innovator, for future success as a secondary student and community member.  

The program also supports our school goal: To increase student engagement, socially, conventionally, and intellectually. 


The purpose of the Mentorship program at RMS is three-fold:

1. To teach the SD23 Attributes of a Learner—each student will have opportunities to develop and demonstrate their skills as a learner, thinker, contributor, collaborator, and innovator.

2. To Build Community – the Mentorship program hopes to build a sense of community within the Mentorship classroom, RMS, as well as the surrounding community. We hope to provide an array of play-based inquiry activities that encourage community-building through questions such as:

· What did you notice?

· Why does that happen?

· Does it happen in life/school?

· When?

· Now that you notice this, what does it mean moving forward?

3. Prepare for the year end Presentation of Learning – we want to build on the success of last year's POLs. POLs provide students an opportunity to "think about their thinking." This type of metacognition helps students to learn in much more depth because they begin to recognize personal strengths while improving or allowing for weaknesses.

​ To learn more about the RMS Mentorship Program please follow this link.

RMS Mentorship program overview.pdf