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Genre of the Month

We are celebrating the onset of summer this month in the library because there are not that many days left in the school year! The genre rack is full of books that put you in the summer spirit and remind you of all the fun things you can do outside when it is warm. Pick up a book set on a deserted island, or at summer camp or even at the top of Mt. Everest.

Author of the Month

Our author of the month is Jane Yolen. Her name may not be familiar to you but she has written over 365 books! Her books are usually Fantasy, Science Fiction or Historical Fiction and she has won many awards for them. In the library we have 11 of Jane's books, the most popular one being Girl in a Cage, which is sometimes read as a literature circle book.  

Library Contest

This month we have a poetry contest that students will definitely want to enter. The winner will receive an Indigo gift card, so do not miss out! Come in, pick up an entry form and start creating a unique poem from the titles on the spines of our books. For more information, see Mrs. Nicholls or Mrs. Wiebe.


Have you read a good book?
WRITE A REVIEW FOR US! You could have a spot on our website. Fill out a blue book review form and submit it to Mrs. Nicholls or Mrs. Wiebe in the library.