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Fall is upon us and with a new school year starting, there are lots of new books in the library!  Check out the shelf to your right when you first come into the library to see the latest novels.

Genre of the Month
This month the library is featuring all books spooky and scary!  Come in and take out a book from the "Goosebumps" series by R.L. Stine or if you really want to get the chills, read one of Christopher Pike's scary novels.

Author of the Month
If you haven't read any of Darren Shan's novels and you love to get really scared then it's time you checked out our author of the month.  His series "Cirque Du Freak" is about a group of vampires unlike any that anyone has heard of before.  He wrote his first book when he was 17 years old in his home country of Ireland.  Browse the author rack of books in the library and pick which one of his books scares you the most!

Library Contest
The October contest is going to begin on Tuesday, October 10th so be sure to enter!  Read a horror, suspense, or mystery novel from the library and you will be eligible to win a jar of candy.  (If you can guess how many candies are in the jar)!

Have you read a good book?
WRITE A REVIEW FOR US! You could have a spot on our website. Fill out a blue book review form and submit it to Mrs. Nicholls or Mrs. Wiebe in the library.