Principal’s Message

Principal's & Vice-Principal's Message


Greetings from Mr. Rod Baruta and Mr. Rob Aviani. At Rutland Middle School, we focus on our school goal of improving student engagement by providing the best possible environment for all students to thrive intellectually, socially and emotionally. Through our Mentorship program and our general classroom instruction we promote the development of School District 23's "Attributes of a Learner": Thinker, Learner, Innovator, Collaborator and Contributor.


The 2018-19 school year will be another exciting year, continuing our journey as one of the first 6-8 middle schools in SD23. Historically, the middle schools in our district have kept many of the structures of Jr. High schools from the past (ie. block driven timetables, rotating schedules, heavy elective loads, specialist teachers, etc.). Many of our former structures do not necessarily align with research from the past fifty years on what is best, educationally and social/emotionally, for adolescent students at this age. Research is clear that we need to try and keep our children younger for longer; by providing a more flexible schedule, tight student/teacher teaming, a rich exploratory program, and an advisory program, we will provide both supports and structures to nurture our adolescent learners at Rutland Middle.  Please read over our Community School Learning Plan here - our plan goes into detail what we, as a professional learning community, are working toward for our students.


We both believe in the importance of strong partnerships between home, school and community in supporting each individual child to reach his/her fullest potential. As such, we encourage all parents/guardians to regularly communicate with each of their child's teachers, as well as with the administration, and the school in general.


If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us by email or by phone (250-870-5109) at any time.



Mr. Rod Baruta, Principal:



Mr. Rob Aviani, Vice-Principal: